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The family trees on these pages have been developed over many years of research. The trees are the work of Laurie & Frank Rands and other researchers who have provided their links into our family.

If for any reason the information contained in these pages is incorrect please do not hesitate to email us familytree@randsclan.com and we will investigate and amend accordingly.

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Our Family Tree Research

All trees below are managed by Laurie and Frank

Tree Originated from
ADCOCK Bedfordshire, England
BALLI Switzerland
BURNHAM Durham, England
CALDWELL Derry, Ireland
COLLIE Scotland
DOBBIN Ireland
FOLEY Ireland
GAY Oxfordshire, England
HARMAN London, England
IREMONGER Hampshire, England
LANGDON Little Houghton, Northamptonshire, England
LEWIS England
MANHIRE Cornwall, England
NEIGHBOUR Twickenham, London, England
ORLAND Rutland, England
RANDS Gt Blackenham, Debenham, Suffolk, England
SAMUEL Amsterdam, Holland
SINCLAIR Stirling, Scotland
STONE Devon, England
SWINARD Kent, England
TURNBULL London, England
WATSON Scotland - County Durham, England
WEBSTER Rochester, Kent, England
WHITE Yorkshire, England
WILLIAMSON County Durham, England
WILLIAMSON Crawfordjohn, Larnarkshire, England

Other Rands Family Trees

The below Rands trees have been prepared by us and other researchers. These researchers contributions have been included and their contacts made available. Please feel free to contact them on their individual families as I am sure they would appreciate hearing from you.

Tree Originated from Tree owner and contact
RANDS Buckinghamshire, England Rob Bignell, Sue Ethridge, Francie Collins, Barry Heltne
RANDS South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England Sheila Rands, Garth Woodward, Christine Lingard, Baden Rands
RANDS West Toffs, Norfolk, England
RANDS Hackney, London, England James Coombes
RANDS Chelmondiston, Suffolk, England
RANDS Woodbridge, Suffolk, England Richard Rands, Ken Harland
RANDS Paston, Northamptonshire, England
RANDS Werrington, Northamptonshire, England John Bushell
RANDS Alconbury Weston, Huntingdon, England
RANDS Great Giddington, Huntingdon, England Margaret Currie, Jeannine Denny, Anne Ringer